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The Ultimate Best List of Things to do While Tripping

 67 of my favorite things to do while tripping

  1. Go for a walk!  Exploring virtually anywhere is an adventure on LSD.  Nature takes on a new level of beauty on a trip, so go for a hike, or even better go camping for a night :) 

  2. Go for a swim!  Ideally in a heated pool versus the ocean (not being able to see what’s beneath me still kind of trips me out). 

  3. Take a shower with your tripping partner in a completely dark shower with no light whatsoever.  If you turn out all the lights in the house, it becomes like a Sensory Deprivation tank, and is—hands down—my favorite thing to do while tripping.  I think absolute darkness is best, but a solitary blinking light can also be fun.   

  4. Watch some Live Music at a Concert or a Rave.

  5. Take some Mberry (Mberry is a product made from these berries that temporarily blocks the sour receptors on your tongue).  They sell it on Amazon.  5 min. after you roll this pill around on your tongue, you can no longer taste sour for the next hour or two.  Foods taste very different, and it’s quite trippy biting into a lemon and having it taste sweet.  

  6. Try Painting or Finger Painting!  My second favorite thing to do on acid.  The amount of color that comes from each brush stroke is beautiful and almost makes me cry.  Never have you ever seen color like this.  Painting becomes an emotional experience on acid and finger painting is tops because you get tactile sensation of cold paint involved in the creativity…I highly recommend it.  Create at least one art piece all together.

  7. Smoking Hookah!  Blowing smoke through soap bubbles or just blowing bubbles is fun.  When it pops, a little smoke comes out of the popped bubble and its unbelievably fun to watch.

  8. Massage and be massaged, or have your back scratched.  Having your head massaged by one of those head massagers that looks like a metallic spider (they sell them in Malls, like a Ting-Ting or something).  Also, foot massages with your partner are a trip.  

  9. Watching the Winamp Visualizer MilkDrop!  This is certifiably the best visualizer ever!  You haven’t seen a visualizer until you've seen this on a psychedelic.  Trust me on this one!!! Google search “BLTC Winamp presets” and download the BLTC Preset Package.  (It will make the visualizer even better!)

  10. Eat some fruit or Veg!  There's something very primal and rewarding about biting into a strawberry, a blueberry or a good watermelon while tripping.  Green Beans, and juicy things tend to taste good; meats and cheeses usually don’t taste so good.  Dark Chocolate tastes like chalk, and Blood Oranges are the tits!

  11. Go Paintballing on Acid!  I have yet to try this but I hear it's crazy.  Might be a little too crazy, but it’s on my bucket list for sure.  

  12. MIRROR TIME!  Go stare at yourself in the mirror.  Stare into your eyes using one of those 5x magnified mirrors because watching your pupils dilate and constrict is nuts!

  13. Listen to music on expensive studio headphones (Sennheiser, Bose…something that wraps around your entire ear).  Trust me, this is how music was meant to be heard.  Combine this with eye shades that allow you to keep your eyes open, like a Mind-Fold, and let you mind entertain you with OEV and CEV. 

  14. Have sexual intercourse…duh.  (Punch anyone in the face who says otherwise, they clearly have no idea what they’re talking about).  

  15. Write on your partner or paint on your partner with paint or black-light paint.  

  16. Float down a river on an inter-tube.

  17. Walk on the beach barefoot.  Watching the ocean waves crash is magical, as is playing in the rain. 

  18. Gaze up at the stars and use an app like Google Sky Maps to see all the constellations/planets.

  19. Smelling extreme smells, preferably good smells...candles, incense, coffee grinds, Salt. Etc.  This can be quite interesting if you’re on a high dose of LSD and synesthesia is happening.   

  20. Smoking Weed obviously.  Blunts are my favorite method when tripping.  (*Roll them before you trip).  Roll one up and have your sober-sitter go through a drive thru car-wash while you hot-box the blunt. 

  21. Inhale some Nitrous Oxide  This can really can add some trippiness to a trip.  It's likely horrible for you, but it is quite fun.  I’m told you can take a bong…pull a rip of weed, let it remain in the chamber while you take out the slider and put a balloon of nitrous where the weed was, then take the rip.  Weed and nitrous at once, you drop at least 4 IQ points in one sitting, but it’s still fun nonetheless.

  22. Purchase the biggest glowsticks you can find, like 12 in. industrial size glowsticks, and then throw them around with your mates.  

  23. Chew or suck on some ice and then make out with your partner or go down on them.  Again, you’re welcome. 

  24. Go for a bicycle ride.  (This is how the first LSD experience ever went down).

  25. Go jump on a trampoline, head to trampoline park, or get yourself inside a moon-bounce if you can find one.  (Be cautious though).

  26. Go to an amusement park and ride the rides.  I don't recommend this to anyone except super experienced trippers.  Waiting in line kinda sucks, but earbuds can help.

  27. Go to a water park. 

  28. Hook up a fog machine in your room and let that thing go off for a while.  Trippy lights or a strobe light will help this.  *Just be sure to unplug any fire alarms as they will be set off. 

  29. Ask a sober sitter to drive you around town for a little bit.  (Get a Lyft or an Uber if you have to because trying to drive while tripping never ends well).  

  30. Vicks Inhalers are quite fun on ecstasy, but I don’t believer they’re that pleasurable on psychedelics.  I remember blowing some in my eyes sober once and it hurt so badly.  It was not at all pleasant like when you're rolling.

  31. Buy some Poi Balls off of a website.  They’re like $10 each and totally worth it.  Swinging around LED lights is quite fun and makes for some amazing light shows.  Hula hooping is also fun ;) 

  32. Go to a planetarium or a laser show (Pink Floyd Laser Light show is ideal).  Check your local IMAX or Science Theater. 

  33. Play an instrument and make some music!  Record what you come up with, or play with laser pointers if you have no musical talents.

  34. Get some dry ice and have some fun (try not to burn yourself though).

  35. Go to a museum or look at some paintings or pictures you own.  Paintings become like a little movie on LSD.  They can be quite entertaining.

  36. Drink a little wine or beer (drink ginger beer if you don’t drink).  If wine sounds too tame for you, try drinking an Absinthe spoon.  That’ll kick up the visuals.  Stay hydrated yo.

  37. Play some visually cool and interactive Video Games.

  38. Watch some classic cartoons (Bugs Bunny, Inspector Gadget, Alice in Wonderland, etc.)

  39. Gambling is supposedly fun and some say you are better at it whilst tripping.  Vegas is kind of the ideal situation on psychedelics.  

  40. Go skiing or snowboarding and listen to music while you board (microdosing is optimal).

  41. Watch a 3-D Movie like Avatar!

  42. Film yourself.  Set up a camera on a tripod in the room and forget about it.  Or actively film some or all of your trip.  Watching the footage when your sober is very entertaining and will often help you keep some of those amazing memories that are almost always forgotten when you really trip balls.

  43. Skydiving is said to be intense, I can’t even imagine this though.

  44.  This website is interactive art you make with your mouse and keyboard.  Pretty cool!!!

  45. Watch Planet Earth or something similar on a crispy HD flat screen.

  46. Play Jenga or Double Jenga!  Chess, Pinball Machines…Ping Pong, games etc.

  47. Do some stream of consciousness writing!  Start a sentence on paper, don’t ever lift the pen, just see where that takes you (better on a microdose vs. a macrodose).  

  48. Buy some gallium online.  Gallium is a metal with a melting point of 85 degrees Fahrenheit.  So if you hold it in your hand for a minute, it will melt.  Gallium is not dangerous either.  Mercury on the hand is quite toxic, so don’t play with that.  You can easily buy some online for about $40. 

  49. Go to a reflexologist (foot massage therapy) or go get a massage.

  50. Lay on the ground and stare up at stars.  Now, think about the fact that you are on a rock flying through space and that this rock orbits a star.  Really try to wrap your mind around what a star is, how big it is, and that every element in the entire universe was once made inside the heart of an exploding star billions of years ago.  

  51. Google Image search “fractals” and check out those for a wee bit (watch fractal videos).

  52. Yoga, meditation, or stretching.  Close your eyes and start a journey within.   

  53. Pet a cat or throw a ball to your dog.  Pets are super-fun while tripping.  Somehow you get to be more on their level and they know it.  

  54. Get some sunglasses and do some people-watching.

  55. Go to an aquarium!  Zoos are said to be kind of sad because of all the caged animals, but watching fish and sea creatures can be quite trance inducing. 

  56. Rinse your mouth out with Mint Mouthwash for the sensation of it. 

  57. Take a lemon, cut the rind off, and juice the whole thing with a thumb-sized nub of ginger root.  Add a pinch of turmeric and red Pepper, and you got yourself a “Ginger Shot.”  Last time I took one of these on acid, I had an image of a hammer pop into my mind, and it was amazing.  You’ll feel a rush of energy and vitality immediately. 

  58. Youtube “Slow TV Train” or watch some videos of High Speed Train Rides that are filmed from the Cockpit of the train.  Buckle up! 

  59. Take turns reading some “bite sized poetry” out loud.  Read it with passion and let the words bounce around your brain.  You might find a new found appreciation for poetry once the psychedelic allows your brain to start processing words in words in a different way.  

  60. Go for a boat ride, go surfing, or go tubing behind a boat.  

  61. Submerge yourself in an extremely cold body of water, the adrenaline rush of coming up for air is exhilarating.  

  62. Go to a Sensory Deprivation Tank and take the tab halfway through the experience so that you don’t freak out.

  63. Go play mini-golf or laser tag.  

  64. Go to a skate park or parkour gym and just watch.  

  65. Read the Short Story “The Egg” by Andy Weir.

  66. Make it a point to find out what your Spirit Animal is.  Ask yourself what it is at the beginning of a trip and then re-ask yourself again later.  (Mirror Time might help with this)

  67. Buy a bunch of fake tattoos and put them on before you trip.  I always make this a part of my my tripping ritual.  Also, dressing up in costume is very fun, which is why going to music festivals on psychedelics is my ultimate favorite thing to do while tripping.  Not only does it combine many of these activities in one experience, but you get to be with others ;)

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