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These videos offer a more comprehensive understanding behind some of the information presented inside Consciousness in a Nutshell.  

The Universal Reason Why People
Get Depressed

There are 10 findings in Neuroscience that challenge the existing "chemical imbalance" narrative about depression, and in this video I go through all 10, while at the same time putting forth a novel theory for the origin of depression that makes solid predictions, explains 'what' depression is, 'where' it comes from, and even 'how' it comes about. 

The Universal Reason Why People
Get Anxiety

In this video I link Anxiety and Depression by talking about their shared underlying dysfunctional network and few other things they have in common. At the end of the video, I also share the most logical, effective, low-cost treatment plan out there which doesn't involve marinating your brain in a bunch of SSRIs or Benzodiazepines until the end of time.

What to do if your Mind is Torturing You (the Science of Emotions)

How do you stop a memory that won't leave you alone? Why are some events traumatic and not others? In this video we break down the science of healing, how the structure of the brain gives rise to some of the "emotional disconnects" we all experience, and how looking back can paradoxically sometimes be the key to helping us move forward. 

Chapter 10 - "Emotional Coding"
(a virtual chapter read)

As Harvard-trained neuroanatomist, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, once pointed out, we are not "thinking creatures that feel...we are feeling creatures that think" and this chapter seeks to illustrate this idea. Here, the narrator attempts to explain a bit about the architecture of emotion and how we unconsciously end up coding our lives like computers.

The Evolution of Consciousness and the Consciousness of Evolution (PsychedelX Keynote Address)

How did we get here? How does life evolve? And why are psychedelics proving to be such useful tools in the study consciousness? In this talk for the annual PsychedelX conference, Jay and Lindy break down the "impossible-to-describe" transcendent or ego-death experience, and explain why it's the first step in understanding 'what' consciousness is.  

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