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Consciousness in a Nutshell: A Psychonautical Odyssey

Project Type

Creative Non-fiction Book


October 2022




Writer/Researcher/Art director

Consciousness in a Nutshell is a work of psychological mastery. A 21st century portrait of Nature, Nirvana, and what it means to be a human being. Written in the style of creative nonfiction, this multi-layered conversation spans the fields of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, cosmology, and evolutionary biology, all in the pursuit of explaining 'what' consciousness is.

This project originally started as a TEDx talk that I wrote--but never got to perform--back in 2017. Later that year, I ended up expanding the essential ideas of that talk into a book that would eventually come to be called "Consciousness in a Nutshell: A Psychonautical Odyssey." I'm proud to report this talk finally was given to the Master's students at Naropa University in July of 2023, and is actively being toured with my co-author and wife, Lindy Nelson.

About the Artwork:
Working with Kevin Cuellar for the illustrations was a super-fun process and we're so thrilled about the artwork he produced for us. The instructions were heavily inked, Ralph Steadman style drawings inspired by the text and he absolutely nailed it.

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