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METHOD - 21 min. Pilot




April 2015


Los Angeles

Project type



Dark Comedy (Satire)

"METHOD" is a 21 min pilot I wrote, executively produced, co-edited, and starred in. In this dark comedic satire, we attempted to show how ridiculous method actors can be in their preparations, and so for the role of Jarrod Ryan, I actually lost 40 lbs. of muscle to achieve the look of a drug addict. Losing 40 lbs. in 3 months for a joke certainly wasn't easy, but the project called for one of those "celebrity body weight publicity stunts" and I accepted the challenge.

Fun fact: I had a near-death experience while in production for "METHOD" that would inspire much of my future book "Consciousness in a Nutshell."

Also, because we ended up having to re-film the beginning of "METHOD" I wound up having to lose all the weight a second time. Thankfully, it only took 2.5 months on the second go around.

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