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Consciousness in a Nutshell book on display

"Consciousness is a dance between perception
and memory."


- James

Set inside a psychological thriller, this semi-autobiographical tale follows two young neuropsychopharmacologists on the verge of publishing a major breakthrough, when one of them (only identified by the name “Ava”) winds up missing, and the other finds himself trapped in a room without doors or windows. Faced with impending doom, “James” decides to write a letter to a total stranger explaining everything he knows about the subject of consciousness in exchange for one little favor. 


With a feverish pace and a candid eye for story, Consciousness in a Nutshell delivers an unforgettable account of what it means to be alive while, at the very same time, answering the question of all questions, once and for all: What is consciousness?

Essentially, this is everything worth knowing about the subject of consciousness, rendered in easy-to-read prose and with frequent dips into story.  

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5/5 Stars from Readers' Favorite

About the Author

Jay Nelson Author

JAY NELSON is a writer, researcher, and award-winning screenwriter obsessed with three questions: (i) What is consciousness? (ii) Is there an edge of experience? And (iii) How best to explain ecological awareness? After originally getting his start in acting, Jay soon found a love for psychology and explaining the human mind. But after a near-death-experience realigned all of his perceptions in 2013, he started moonlighting in neuroscience, philosophy, and evolutionary biology. He has been called a philosopher, a shaman, and a man of science. But, by his own description, he’s a “moderately well-read person who wants to test the limits of human perception.” You can find him online at


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