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My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio of projects. Here you’ll find a selection of my most favorite undertakings, and can even click around to learn more about the kind of passion I bring to each project.

About Me.

In a few short words I am a writer in search of the perfect medium. I began writing stand-up and sketch, quickly evolved into writing features and shorts, and most recently took a turn into creative nonfiction. Although my methods and techniques may have changed over the years, underneath it all is an artist and a storyteller just trying to contribute to the field of time in a meaningful way. Hopefully, something you find here moves you because telling stories is my raison d'etre.  



London Theatre Academy

As a part of the curriculum for Theatre Majors at Florida State, we had a study abroad program which took us straight into the hearts of London. Getting to learn from some of the greatest acting teachers on the planet (LAMDA, RADA, Central School of Speech and Drama, Shakespeare's Globe, etc.) certainly changed my outlook on life, and took my game to the next level.


BA Theatre Major
Florida State University

During my time of attendance, FSU was ranked in the Top 3 for their Theatre School and their Film School. While my major was theatre, I spent much time at the Film School appearing in about 17 student films, while also appearing in many theatrical productions.


Psychology Minor & Communications Minor
Florida State University

It was at Florida State that I attended my first psychology class and became obsessed. Although, my initial interest in psychology was to better understand the acting process, I soon found a deep love for understanding the inner-workings of our brains.  

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