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Our Interview at Psychedelic Science 2023

Below is a short 10 minute interview that took place at the largest psychedelic gathering in human history. Host Daron Babin of sits down with future thought leaders Jay Nelson and Lindy Nelson to talk about their latest book Consciousness in a Nutshell and why it's the perfect book to launch the 'psychedelic renaissance.'

Psychedelic Science 2023 was the largest psychedelic community gathering in human history. A giant global conference, held in Denver this year, which featured 5 days of workshops, over 400 guest speakers, numerous panel discussions, and welcomed researchers, practitioners, and psychedelic professionals. Representing their brand Consciousness in a Nutshell Jay and Lindy Nelson speak to host of Cannabis Radio, Daron Babin, about near-death experiences, layers of consciousness, belief filters, and why creative nonfiction was the perfect genre to discuss what consciousness is.


JAY NELSON is a writer, researcher, and award-winning screenwriter obsessed with three questions: (i) What is consciousness? (ii) Is there an edge of experience? And (iii) How best to explain ecological awareness? After originally getting his start in acting, Jay soon found a love for psychology and explaining the human mind. But after a near-death experience realigned all of his perceptions in 2013, he started moonlighting in neuroscience, philosophy, and evolutionary biology. He has been called a philosopher, a shaman, and a man of science. But, by his own description, he’s a “moderately well-read person who wants to test the limits of human perception.” You can find him online at

LINDY NELSON is a lifelong student of what makes a human a human. She has always believed that we are more alike than we are different, and is forever on the journey towards a better understanding of how to share that knowledge. From managing escape rooms to restaurants, film sets to corporate offices, she is adept at seeing all of the pieces that make up the whole. She leads with patience and the mantra that we should each use what we have to improve where we can.

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